Google Search Gets Machine Learning Upgrade

During a live streaming event held on Thursday, Google revealed its upgraded application for machine learning and AI (artificial intelligence) technology, developed to improve the Google Search engine.

When the programming is complete, users will have the ability to see live details on Google Maps, such as how crowded or busy local places are without searching for them specifically. By expanding their “busyness metrics,” Google Maps will automatically show local grocery and drug stores, beaches and more in order for users to determine the best time to visit.

Google is currently incorporating COVID-19 safety data into business profiles across their map and search engine tools so consumers can determine if a particular business is following safety precaution’s such as plexiglass shielding and temperature checks.

The company also announced updates to its “Did you mean?” algorithm to more accurately predict spelling suggestions which includes 680 million parameters running in fewer than three milliseconds. Google’s search team head, Prabhakar Raghavan, said the upgrade is their single greatest spell check improvement of the past five years.