NY Sees Largest Covid Spike Since June

The threat of COVID-19 shutdowns is looming in parts of New York with recent spikes in areas of Brooklyn and Queens as well as Orange and Rockland counties. On Monday, Governor Andrew Cuomo said state officials will be zeroing in on certain zip codes in an effort to curb the spread. Coronavirus cases in certain parts of these areas have been experiencing a 3.3% increase above the overall New York City average for the past 14 days.

The Governor is prepared to implement restrictions for schools and businesses by late Monday into Tuesday and has already sent advanced notifications to the affected New York City borough neighborhoods and Upstate towns. The scaled back activities will only apply to those zip codes which are currently experiencing an increase in cases, according to city and local officials.

The new rules could impose a ban on any gatherings of more than 10 people, fine those who don’t wear a mask, and shutter private schools, daycare centers and non-essential businesses until significant progress to quell the increased uptick is noticeably marked.