Almost 9 Million Eligible People Did Not Get Stimulus Check

The extended October 15 deadline to file for an unclaimed COVID-19 Economic Impact Stimulus check is approaching and millions of Americans have yet to claim their payment. Letters are being issued by the IRS in an attempt to reach those who may qualify and have not yet registered to receive their check.

Many who seem to have fallen through the cracks are low-income residents who are either US citizens or resident aliens. The IRS is issuing guidance on a state-by-state basis in an effort to encourage state and local officials to assist in helping residents claim their stimulus money.

The IRS once again did emphasize that registering doesn’t guarantee a payment. They did, however, say those who aren’t required to file a tax return could still qualify for the government stimulus check. The official letter, IRS Notice 1444-A, is available on the IRS website in both English and Spanish.

California, New York, Texas, Georgia, and members of the US Armed Forces are among the majority of those who may still be eligible but have yet to register. The IRS website currently has a breakdown by state showing the number of potentially missing recipients they are trying to reach.

IRS Commissioner Chuck Rettig issued a public statement saying time is running out and the state-by-state information on the IRS website has been made available to assist local leaders and community organizations in helping residents to claim their payment before it’s too late.