Michelob Beer Will Pay Someone $50,000 to Travel

The American Beer company, Michelob Ultra, has announced that they will be hiring someone to travel the country for six months, representing their brand along the way. The company made a statement about this “job” on their official Twitter page saying that they are searching for someone who is a highly experienced “exploration officer” as well as beer lover to take this trip and post photos at the national parks they come across on the company’s social media accounts throughout it.

The designated traveler chosen will be paid a hefty $50,000 on top of pay for any expenses. The trip will consist of visiting Yosemite, Sequoia, Joshua Tree, Saguaro and Big Bend. The traveler will be given a camper van with a bathroom and shower included to take the journey in, and they will also be able to bring one person, or pet, along with them as well.