Suspect Arrested for Sending Ricin to President Trump

A female suspect who was arrested by US Customs and Border Protection police on Sunday is facing charges on mailing a package addressed to President Trump at the White House containing the deadly poison Ricin.

Authorities say the woman was apprehended near the Peace Bridge port of entry between Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada and Buffalo, New York, and was also in possession of a gun at the time of her arrest. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police believe the package originated in Canada and is currently conducting an investigation in Quebec.

Law enforcement officials stated the suspect faces federal charges in Washington, DC, connected to mailing the Ricin laden package, which was intercepted by US government authorities at an off-site location which screens all mail addressed to the White House. Preliminary testing confirmed the envelope contained the deadly poison Ricin. The unnamed female is further suspected of mailing similar Ricin-filled packages to law enforcement officials in the Rio Grande Valley area in Texas.

This isn’t the first incident of Trump being targeted with a package containing a deadly poison, nor is it the first for a sitting US President. Former President Barack Obama, along with other US officials, has also been the target of Ricin packages being sent in the mail.