CDC Director and Trump Clash Over Vaccine Timeline

On Wednesday, President Donald Trump denied data released by his own governmental scientific community regarding a coronavirus vaccine not becoming available for widespread application soon. The president further denounced the effective use of masks to curb the spread of COVID-19, contrary to public guidelines issued by the Centers for Disease Control since the onset of the pandemic.

In a direct clash with CDC director Dr. Robert Redfield, Trump’s comments completely contradict information from the world’s foremost health agency who disagrees with the president based upon data compiled from leading medical researchers and scientists worldwide.

Trump launched a verbal attack on Redfield shortly after the director testified before a Senate committee and stated a viable vaccine will not be ready for use on a wide scale until at least mid to late next year and, even then, it would most likely take six to nine months beyond that to vaccinate the US population. He further reinforced the CDC’s position that wearing masks is the number one preventative action we have available – a practice which is crucial to curbing the spread of COVID-19 – adding that wearing a mask could be more vital to curtailing the spread of the virus than a vaccine.

Trump stated in his press briefing, he thinks the CDC director’s information isn’t correct and still believes a vaccine will be available to the general public far earlier than Redfield said.