Barr Declares Lockdowns Are the “Greatest Intrusion on Civil Liberties”

During a “Constitution Day” observance held at Hillsdale College in Michigan on Wednesday, US Attorney General William Barr commented that the nationwide coronavirus lock-downs are akin to a form of slavery and the “greatest intrusion on civil liberties.”

His remarks were made after he openly criticized prosecutors for the Justice Department – hundreds who work under him, referring to them as “preschoolers” in a defensive stance of his own politically motivated decision making on behalf of the Trump administration. Many department employees, including high ranking attorneys, have been highly critical of Barr for what they deem to be steering cases in directions which undermine long-held lawful policies.

When Barr was asked by the event’s host to explain the constitutional obstacles which restricted church gatherings at the height of the pandemic in the US, he responded with a four-minute long dissertation accusing state governors of abusing their power by prohibiting businesses from reopening and preventing citizens from returning to their jobs.

Barr equated the mandatory lock-downs and orders for residents to stay at home to being under “house arrest,” restraining the rights of citizens.