Biden Courting Latino and Hispanic Voters in Florida

In his first campaign trip to the state, Joe Biden paid a visit to Florida on Tuesday in an effort to gain support among Latino and Hispanic voters who could very well be the deciding factor in the November election. It’s not the first time the battleground state has been in the political crosshairs of a presidential election and Joe Biden knows it! The Democratic presidential candidate began his visit in Tampa with a group of veterans before moving on to Kissimmee to mark Hispanic Heritage Month.

If Biden wins Florida, it will most likely impede Trump’s chances of being reelected. Florida’s elections are typically tallied by percentage points and the Latino and Hispanic communities are historically influential. Campaign advisers are concerned Biden’s numbers in the Sunshine State need much improvement. Polls currently show an even divide between Trump and Biden in Florida, where Trump won by around a 1% lead in 2016.

Biden doesn’t seem to be letting any voters slip through the cracks in a state where Hispanic’s are more Republican-leaning due to the state’s large Cuban-American communities. Biden is spending the day to “work like the devil” along the I-4 corridor in Central Florida, which traditionally has the most undecided voters in the large swing state.