IRS Reveals 9 Million People Have Not Claimed COVID Relief Checks

A letter from the IRS will be arriving in mailboxes of an estimated 9 million people who have not claimed or received a COVID relief stimulus check. The announcement came on Tuesday saying the letters will go out to around 9 million US residents who did not file a tax return in 2018 or 2019. The most likely reason is they weren’t required to file if they didn’t earn enough.

The letter will contain instructions on how to use the tool for non-filers on the IRS web site to determine eligibility. The deadline to file for an unclaimed stimulus check is October 15. Congress is still at odds with agreeing on the next stimulus package while the IRS grapples with trying to get funds from the first stimulus bill to those low-income residents whose checks remain unclaimed.

The letters being sent from the US Treasury Department will include a notice number and date in the upper right-hand corner which recipients will use to check the IRS web site for thier eligibility.

Most Americans who did file tax returns for the years 2018-2019 have already received their stimulus payments. The IRS did state that receiving a letter doesn’t guarantee eligibility for a check. It is simply a method of determination to discover if a stimulus payment is due to the non-filer.