Amazon Bans All Foreign Seed Import Sales

Online global retail giant, Amazon, has issued a ban on all foreign seed sales in the US. As reported in July, residents in some states were receiving inexplicable packets of strange seeds in the mail. At that time, the Department of Agriculture issued warnings that the suspicious packets, which originate from China and were covered with Chinese lettering, may contain invasive species that could potentially wipe out US crops and other native plant life.

Amazon’s decision to ban foreign seed sales applies to all 50 states, who are issuing safety warnings after thousands of US residents have now reported receiving the unsolicited seed packets in the mail. A spokesperson for Amazon issued a formal statement, saying that going forward Amazon will only permit seed sales by US based sellers. Noncompliance with the strict rule could mean cancellation of the seller’s Amazon account.

The updated company policy forbids any seed imports from sellers outside the US which the agriculture department deems “noxious.” Such seeds are, by law, subject to quarantine by the government and can be fatal if consumed or even touched.

Sellers who use Amazon’s fulfillment centers to house and ship their products will be subject to the new policy effective September 30.