CDC Bans Evictions Through the End of 2020

A renewed eviction moratorium is being implemented amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic in an effort to curb the spread and keep renters in their homes. The ban, which is effective through December, was ordered by the Trump administration and the Centers for Disease Control. The CDC said the pandemic poses an “historic threat to public health.”

The order is being hailed as the most positive move by the administration to date to prevent an impending surge of evictions of renters who have been financially devastated amid the ongoing pandemic. Landlord and housing advocacy groups have both been warning that if Congress doesn’t reinforce extended unemployment benefits, millions could soon be evicted. The CDC has warned this could lead to a spike in COVID-19 cases if evicted tenants either end up homeless, or move in with friends or family.

Experts are saying the bold move by the CDC is a test of its mettle, stating their order could pose a number of legal challenges. The order does not account for landlord’s recouping their losses from unpaid rent. While renters are relieved to hear they’ve gotten a reprieve from the strain of possible eviction, landlords are being left to absorb the losses. Real Estate industry experts predict and fear this will still lead to a serious housing crisis by the end of the year.