Amazon Preparing to Add 7,000 Jobs in UK

Online mega retailer, Amazon, recently said it will add 7,000 new jobs in the UK to the 3,000 new jobs which were already added in 2020. This brings the new job total to 10,000, making the total permanent UK employee workforce over 40,000.

The coronavirus pandemic led to many shops in places like London’s High Street to close their doors to customers. This resulted in massive online purchases which benefited many online sellers, including Amazon. Overall online retail sales were 50% higher in July than February of this year. Online retail sales in the UK increased by over 30% in May, before dropping just 2% to a little over 28% in July.

As a result of the influx of online UK ordering, Amazon hired thousands of temporary employees to handle the increase. The company stated it is now in the position to offer many of the temp workers permanent roles in the company’s UK operations, along with aggressively recruiting new workers for many positions including human resources, engineering, health & safety, IT and warehouse picking, packing and shipping.