China Says US Spy Plane Invaded Airspace

China is accusing the United States of sending a U-2 spy plane into a no-fly zone, trespassing into Chinese airspace. Beijing says that the US violation severely impacted the military exercises China was running. They also claim that it could have caused accidents or mistakes.

“The trespass severely affected China’s normal exercises and training activities, and violated the rules of behavior for air and maritime safety between China and the United States, as well as relevant international practices,” said a spokesperson for China’s Defense Ministry.

But US Pacific Air Forces claim that they did not violate any rules. “A U-2 sortie was conducted in the Indo-Pacific area of operations and within the accepted international rules and regulations governing aircraft flights. Pacific Air Forces personnel will continue to fly and operate anywhere international law allows, at the time and tempo of our choosing,” a statement said. It went on to explain that flyovers rarely happen anymore as equipment has gotten more sophisticated than that.