UConn Students Evicted

Severa University of Connecticut students have been evicted from campus housing following an unsanctioned dorm party. The party, which was discovered by school officials from a student’s social media post, was reportedly very crowded with no mask-wearing or safe social distancing. About 5,000 students returned to campus on Friday after being tested for the coronavirus, but they were strictly ordered to limit contact for the first two weeks on campus. The video posted of the party however, did not show students following any of the schools guidelines or safety protocols.

Associate Vice President and Dean of Students Eleanor Daugherty and Executive Director of Residential Life Pamela Schipani sent out a letter to the student body after receiving knowledge of the party which read, “Students were not wearing masks, closely assembled, and endangering not only their own health and well-being, but that of others at a time when UConn is working to protect our community and resume classes in the context of a deadly global pandemic.” It is unknown how many students are receiving disciplinary action for the incident.

Following the party the school announced that the students who were involved in the incident do not represent the whole student body, adding that most students on campus have followed all health and safety protocols.  As a result, the Storrs, Connecticut based university as a whole is not cancelling in-person classes.