Wuhan Hosts Giant Pool Party

Wuhan, China, the location where the COVID-19 virus first appeared, is now hosting a massive pool party. What once was the site of the world’s first and possibly strictest lockdown was now able to host thousands for an open-air electronic music concert at a water park. It appeared that masks and social distancing were not invited to this party. Photos show partygoers at the Wuhan Maya Beach Water Park to be shoulder to shoulder at last weekend’s festival. In many parts of the world, this would be unthinkable as thousands of new COVID-19 cases are reported each day. Yet the epicenter of the initial outbreak has not seen a new case since mid-May and life in Wuhan province has slowly returned to normal after the strict 76-day lockdown was lifted in April. In June, the Wuhan Maya Beach Water Park initially reopened but saw limited crowds due to massive rainfall.