Amazon Continues Office Expansion Plan

The COVID-19 pandemic has upended many businesses, slowed plans for expansion, and forced companies to rethink the nature of remote and in-office work. This is not the case for tech giant Amazon. Before the start of the global pandemic, the company set plans to hire 3,500 new office workers, 2,000 of which would be based in New York. To accommodate the growth, the online retailer bought $1.15 billion worth of office space, expected to be filled with employees by 2023. The pandemic has also not slowed its plans to expand offices in some of their already existing hub cities of Dallas, Phoenix, Denver, Detroit, and San Diego within the next two years.

Amazon has seen success during the pandemic as people are stuck at home and doing more online shopping. In the second quarter alone, the company sold 57 percent more products than the previous year and profit doubled to $5.2 billion.