California Faces Potential Record Power Outages

Over 3.3 million houses across the state of California are prepping for power outages amid a massive heatwave. With power executives warning of widespread blackouts, Governor Gavin Newsom (D) signed an emergency order freeing up extra energy capacity. He warned that customers should brace for more outages over the next 72 hours as the state struggles to meet demand during record high temperatures. The state is about 4,400 megawatts short. People in the Los Angeles area are being asked to conserve energy in an effort to prevent the outages.

Newsom acknowledged the state’s failure in preparing for events like these. “You can’t control the weather but you can prepare for weather events,” he said. “We failed to prepare … I’m ultimately accountable.” Newsom also said that the switch to more sustainable sources is, in part, impacting the shortage. While switching to greener energy is important, he said that the state needs to find ways to still hit demand.