Self-Driving Car Lanes Planned in Michigan

On Thursday, the State of Michigan announced that it will be collaborating with auto and tech companies to alter two roads set aside only for self-driving vehicles. The roads that will be altered will stretch approximately 40-miles, using interstate 94 to Michigan Avenue between Detroit and Ann Arbor, Michigan. The roads will be changed to have a dedicated lane only for self-driving vehicles. The companies Michigan will be partnering with on the project are Ford and Sidewalk Infrastructure Partners.

The new roads will include sensors and cameras which will assist the vehicles in understanding their surroundings better. Physical barriers may also be installed as well to prevent pedestrians and cyclists from being able to enter, therefore making it easier for self-driving vehicles to drive safely. As a concern for the safety of their products, the self-driving vehicles industry, and governments have been demonstrating their cooperation in changing their infrastructure to make it safer and easier for the vehicles to be utilized.