World’s Last Blockbuster is Now an Airbnb

The world’s last Blockbuster video and game rental store, has been transformed by its owner into an Airbnb. The advent of movie streaming networks and rentals on-demand caused the Blockbuster enterprise to shut down almost all of their stores, except one. The Blockbuster in Bend, Oregon, managed by Sandi Harding has remained alive and well due to the community’s “commitment to keep it going” according to Harding. 

To celebrate the store’s 20th anniversary since it’s opening, Harding decided to transform it into something “special”. Harding decided for this transformation she’d make the Blockbuster into a ‘90s themed Airbnb that people could rent out for only $4 a night, one cent more than what a movie would cost to buy at the store normally. The space includes all the movies stocked in the store, free snacks, and a comfortable overnight stay.