Canada Lottery Winner is First to Receive Check from Robot

Recent Quebec lottery winner Guylaine Desjardin was handed over a winning check, however not in the usual way. The $6 million dollar check was given to her by a life-sized robot built by college students. Desjardin, who has been playing the lottery for 25 years, was astonished, and not just by becoming a multi-millionaire.

The recent pandemic has caused the implementation of many new, restrictive health and safety protocols, like social distancing, which meant Desjardin could not receive her money by the normal standards. Lottery officials devised the robot plan to ensure winners get their money in a safe way. The robot was created by students at the University of Quebec’s school of engineering in collaboration with Centech, a non-profit that supports technology startups. The students from the engineering school that designed the robot-controlled it at the prize payout ceremony held at the Casino.