Clorox Wipes Shortage Expected to Continue

Clorox, the world’s largest cleaning products supplier, stated the shortage of it’s popular disinfectant wipes will continue into 2021 due to the high demand during the recent COVID-19 pandemic. Sales have seen an increase of 22% in the quarter amid the coronavirus outbreak. The company, which states they normally prepare extra and have excess materials set aside for rougher seasons such as cold and flu, says the surge in demand is so high even their excess materials are not enough to keep up.

Materials used to make the wipes have also been slowed as well. Polyester supplants, one of the materials used is also in demand for the making of protective equipment such as masks and medical gowns. Clorox CEO Benno Dorer stated to increase output, the company is running its cleaning and disinfecting production plants 24/7, and has accessed third-party supply sources.