Kanye West Petitions to Get on Arkansas Ballot

On August 3rd, rapper Kanye West filed a petition to appear on the ballot in Arkansas as an independent presidential candidate for the fall 2020 election. Approximately 1,723 signatures were submitted by Kayne’s representatives to the Secretary of State’s office, which has 10 days to confirm at least 1,000 of the signatures are from registered voters, the required number for him to appear on the ballot. West has also submitted paperwork to appear on the ballot in neighboring Oklahoma, Missouri, Illinois and New Jersey, however last week, a complaint from New Jersey was filed against him challenging the signatures he submitted.

West, who previously stated he was backing President Trump, announced last month, that he will launch his own bid instead. Questions, however, remain about the seriousness of West’s run. West’s wife Kim Kardashian, reality TV star and beauty ambassador, posted publicly about her husband’s bid asking her viewers to show empathy and compassion towards West, as he has bipolar disorder.