Single Mom Donates Lottery Winnings to Wounded Police Officer

When Shetera Sims hit a $100 winning scratch-off lottery ticket she bought with a dollar bill she found in a parking lot, she decided to donate it to an injured police officer in Kansas City, Missouri, who was shot in the head while on duty. Sims, a single mother who had been struggling to make ends meet due to COVID-19 layoffs at her job, had only $7 at the time. Despite her hardship, she wanted to express her gratitude through an act of kindness for the officers who worked diligently, and were also her emotional support, when one of her daughters was killed in 2012. Upon learning of the critical injury sustained by the cop, she phoned the police department to find out how to donate to his family. In response to a barrage of Facebook comments on a post praising Sims, department officers tracked her down and started a GoFundMe campaign to reciprocate her kindness. To date, donations have totaled over $55,000.