Twitter Limits Donald Trump, Jr.

On Tuesday, Twitter placed restrictions on Donald Trump, Jr.’s account after he tweeted a video which featured doctors making false claims saying masks are unnecessary to curb spreading the coronavirus, along with other misinformation. A spokesperson for Twitter stated some functionality of the account will be limited for a period of 12-hours – including his inability to post. The video, which went viral on Monday, was released by Breitbart News, a right-wing media outlet. President Trump re-tweeted the video, but since he did not upload it directly, like his son did, his account was not affected. Twitter had sent requests to Trump Jr. to delete the video and then proceeded to remove it from its platform. Andy Surabian, a spokesman for the President’s son, issued a statement saying the account had been suspended, when in-fact it was only temporarily restricted. He further stated Twitter’s actions are proof that “Big Tech” is bent on quelling freedom of expression online.