Large Gatherings Fueling Coronavirus Spread

Health officials are issuing stern warnings, stating precautions must be kept in place to control further spreading the coronavirus. Governors are urging citizens to comply with mask-wearing, social distancing and avoiding large crowds. Many young Americans are discarding the guidelines. A private party of 700 in Jackson, New Jersey, on Sunday took local police over five hours to shut down. An Ocean County Health Official stated non-compliance with safety mandates can have “serious repercussions in the community.” Attendees of a party in Middleton earlier in the month has led to 20 positive teen-aged cases thus far.

Meanwhile, New York’s Governor Cuomo is “appalled” after video footage of what was supposed to be a 600-car drive-in charity concert in the Hamptons, Safe & Sound, headlined by The Chainsmokers, showed a large crowd gathered shoulder to shoulder with no masks or social distancing. The incident is currently under investigation. The event, DJ’d by Goldman Sachs chief executive David Solomon, reportedly attracted a crowd of thousands, violating state guidelines.