Suspicious Seed Packages from China Arrive in Mail

Warnings are being issued in several states where suspicious packets of seeds are arriving in the mail. The packages seem to originate from China and have Chinese lettering on the packet labels. The unidentified seeds may contain an invasive plant species according to Agriculture Department officials. Invasive plants can be detrimental to the environment and have the potential to destroy or displace insects and native plants, wreaking havoc on crops. It’s not certain who exactly is sending these suspicious packages, which have been received by residents in South Carolina, Kentucky, Ohio, Washington state, Utah and Kansas. Any seeds and plants shipped from other countries into the US are under strict regulations which are managed by a division of the US Agricultural Department, who inspects and quarantines plant imports for health and safety verification. Imported seeds are required to include a certificate of phytosanitary guaranteeing the product does not contain any pests or diseases.