Barr To Be Combative in Congressional Hearing

US Attorney General, William Barr, is set to face off with House Democrats in what could become a very combative Congressional hearing today. The Democratic Judiciary Committee has been trying to get an appearance by Barr after he failed to show up last year. The pandemic further interrupted other scheduled hearings. This will be the first time Barr has appeared before the committee. Barr is set to testify on a list of offenses, including being personally involved with intruding in two prosecutions of Trump allies, along with his ousting of Manhattan US Attorney Geoffrey Berman, who was fired by Trump at the behest of Barr after a long standoff with Barr and the President. The Democrats intend to present a host of complaints, including threats to local and state officials on their handling of the pandemic. They also plan to press Barr on overstepping his authority to protect the personal interests of the President.