California Now Has the Highest Number of Cases

California is now the leading state with the highest number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the country. Reaching a one-day total of 12,807 yesterday, it has surpassed New York’s numbers. Governor Newsom announced the reported total exceeds 413,576 confirmed cases among its 40 million residents. As cases soar, California health officials are urging the state to prepare more hospital beds, which are nearing full capacity, with only 5,000 of the 50,000 available beds currently unoccupied. The wave of new cases comes on the heels of California reopening many of its businesses too soon. The governor has ordered all bars to be shut down again, along with indoor dining, places of worship and in-person classes in most of its larger counties and some smaller ones. With positive case rates currently at 7.6%, the governor is also urging residents to wear a mask and pledged to send more personal protection equipment to front-line health care workers.