Wine Fairies’ Spreading Good Cheer to Neighbors

A group of women, calling themselves the Wine Fairies, have been spreading good cheer and treats in their local communities. What began as a movement in the south has spread to other areas of the country where the women drop off a small basket at a neighbors home containing gifts such as snacks and wine, in what they refer to as “dusting.” The goal of the project is to put a smile on someone’s face and brighten their day – even though the women don’t know each other or their circumstances. For the fairies, it gives a sense of doing good in their local community by spreading joy and adding a bit of cheer to someone’s day. Regional Wine Fairy groups have local Facebook pages. If someone wishes to be “dusted,” they simply post their address under their town, along with what type of wine or beer and treats they like and a Wine Fairy drops off their gift basket – in most cases anonymously. Once someone is “dusted” they are encouraged to join the fairies and pay it forward by gifting to someone else.