Trump Changes Campaign Manager

Just 4 months before the election, Trump has demoted his campaign manager Brad Parscale.  The deputy campaign manager Bill Stephen will take over.  Parscale has been under pressure since the Trump campaign’s Tulsa rally last month that failed to draw the huge crowds that he promised.  Trump continues to fall behind Biden in the national polls, with a 15-point deficit in a recent Quinnipiac poll.  Before joining the Trump campaign, Parscale had no political campaign experience.  He has been accused of over exaggerating his qualifications and capabilities. Trump is known for rotating through campaign managers, having fired two in the previous election, before settling on Kellyanne Conway.  Trump recently berated Parscale for his poor performance and even threatened a lawsuit.  Only 6.200 people showed up at the Tulsa rally and Parscale had claimed that over 1 million people requested tickets.  It was later learned that Tik-Tok users had trolled the rally by requesting tickets that they never planned to use.