Nearly Half of Florida’s ICUs Are 90%+ Full

Due to the recent surge in coronavirus cases in Florida, hospitalizations have increased by over 13% since the beginning of the month. Currently, nearly half of 95 hospital Intensive Care Units are at 90% capacity, or higher. Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the state has seen over 17,100 hospitalizations. Florida’s Health Care Administration is monitoring the ICU admissions at 207 hospitals, 45 of which are at full capacity and another 46 currently have only one bed available. The state has had 4,111 deaths from the virus, setting a single-day record on Thursday with 120 deaths. The previous one-day record was 83, back in April. With the addition of 8,935 new cases on Thursday, Florida’s total is now at 232,718, or 1% of its population. In an effort to instill calm, Florida’s Governor DeSantis advised citizens to focus on facts and not to be fearful.