Listening to Mozart May Reduce Epileptic Seizures

A new study has revealed that listening to the music of Mozart has the potential to reduce epileptic seizures. Researchers from the Krembil Brain Institute, located at Toronto Western Hospital in Canada, conducted a study using Mozart’s K.448 Sonata for Two Pianos in D-Major, and an altered re-mix of the original version. Thirteen adult epilepsy patients participated in the one-year study. Some of the patients listened to the original version of the Sonata for three months, while the others listened to the altered one. After the three-month test period, the second group began listening to the original version. The patients remained on the same medication they were taking before the study and also kept “seizure diaries” to document their results. The researchers concluded, when listening to Mozart’s original version, the patients experienced a reduction in seizure frequency. The findings may be a bright spark of hope for over 50 million people who suffer from epileptic seizures worldwide.