Scientists Urge WHO to Study Airborne Spread of Coronavirus

A coalition of international scientific researchers plans to urge the World Health Organization to carefully consider their recent discovery that the coronavirus can spread through microscopic particles lingering in the air. The scientists plan to publish an open document to WHO, requesting they closely review the latest collaborative research, which indicates the lingering indoor aerosols can result in a further increase in infections. Since the onset of the pandemic, information from WHO has consistently maintained the spread of the virus is primarily larger heavy airborne droplets from coughs or sneezes which quickly fall to the ground, or by direct contact. They have continuously advised hand washing and mask-wearing, in addition to 6-feet social distancing. The scientists are urging WHO to look into their conclusive evidence and follow their advice that people wear masks in any indoor area with poor ventilation. They are also recommending health care workers wear N-95 masks, which include a carbon filter to protect from small droplets.