Walmart Transforming Parking Lots into Drive-In Movies

U.S. based retail giant, Walmart, has announced it will be converting 160 store location parking lots into drive-in movie theaters this summer. Starting in August, drive-in theaters will be opening for more than 300 showings, which will run through October. Walmart has teamed up with New York City based Tribeca Enterprises, to create a safe environment for movie-goers amid the widespread coronavirus pandemic. Actor, Robert De Niro, is one of the founding partners of the Tribeca global media company, which operates a number of film-related entertainment businesses. In a recent press release, Walmart revealed the family-friendly movie nights will include on-site concession food and beverage delivery services to customer vehicles, as well as special celebrity and filmmaker appearances. Specific locations, as well as movie titles, have yet to be disclosed; however, a “special website” will soon be available for movie-goers to obtain specific details.