Hundreds Arrested in Hong Kong After New Law

Just prior to Hong Kong’s 23rd Anniversary, since the city was passed from British to Chinese rule, demonstrators took to the streets to protest a new Chinese security law they view as undermining to the city’s semi-autonomy – which was promised at the time of the handover. Around 370 protesters were arrested and 10 were charged with breaking the new controversial law – which now makes many of the demonstrations punishable under the new rule. Hong Kong has been a region with more democratic freedoms than other Chinese ruled cities – making its market appealing to international corporate investing. Once a British colony, the city was returned to China in 1997, and has since benefited as a leading financial region. The Chinese government claims the purpose of the new law is to combat a small category of crimes which they view as an overall threat to national security. It also states non-residents of the city can be deported as a result of breaking the new law.