Lululemon Acquires Mirror for $500 Million

In its very first acquisition, Vancouver based athletic apparel company, Lululemon, is expected to close a deal to acquire Mirror, the in-home fitness company, for the cash price of $500 million. Shares of Lululemon stocks jumped 4% following the company’s announcement on Monday. The acquisition is expected to be finalized at the close of the second fiscal quarter of 2020. Lululemon had originally invested $1 million in Mirror back in 2019. Mirror was launched in 2018, with a startup of $72 million from initial investors. Mirror offers live classes weekly, via its wall-mounted mirror device, along with personal training sessions and on-demand work-outs. The mirror device itself retails for $1,495. Subscription prices for their services run $39 per month for streaming classes. Lululemon’s thinking behind the acquisition is, due to the coronavirus pandemic, more and more people will opt to work out from home, rather than their local gym.