Trump Tweets Video with Racist Shouting

Twitter was lit up with disapproval on Sunday after President Trump shared and praised a video from a Florida retirement village which shows a Trump supporter driving a golf cart while shouting “white power.” The President thanked the “great people” of The Villages in a tweet that also criticized Joe Biden saying, “Corrupt Joe is shot.” Three hours later the tweet was deleted. (Black) Republican Senator Tim Scott, of South Carolina, stated the retweeted video by the President was offensive and “indefensible.” Joe Biden also tweeted a response, stating “White supremacy should be rooted out and relegated to the pages of history – not promoted by the President of the United States.” Jon Bolton defended the president, saying he may have retweeted it because he saw a Trump 2020 sign, but may not have been paying attention to the video itself. Trump has been widely criticized in the past for using race-baiting rhetoric to energize his base.