EU Considering US Travel Ban

The European Union is currently considering a ban on travel from the U.S. amid concerns of a further spreading the coronavirus. It’s looking likely Americans will be banned from travelling abroad to EU countries; however, a total consensus has not yet been reached by all members. This creates a dilemma, since many European countries rely on summer tourism to boost their economies. The EU is currently reviewing how they should determine the criteria, since health data may not be reliable enough to make an accurate assessment. Another determining factor is reciprocity. U.S. President Donald Trump has not yet lifted the travel restrictions imposed at the onset of the U.S. outbreak, when he closed U.S. borders on March 14. EU Countries who rely on tourism revenue are weighing the risks and considering the backlash if travelers who have the coronavirus cause more infection spikes. The EU is currently in a split decision status, since this complicated situation requires further analysis.