3 Most Populous States Seeing Record Breaking Cases

Texas, California, and Florida, the country’s most populous states, set all-time records for COVID-19 infections in one single day. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, these states make up 27.4% of the total 328 million U.S. population. Based upon data released by Johns Hopkins University, Tuesday was the single highest day of new cases since the pandemic hit the U.S., with cases topping 34,720 nationally. On Wednesday, Texas hit its highest number of increased cases, reporting 5,551 – breaking Tuesday’s record of 5,489. The Governor of Texas is urging, and health officials are calling for, a new stay-at-home order. In California, the most populous state, Tuesday saw a record high number of 7,149 new cases, an increase of 2,149 new cases from the previous day. Governor Gavin Newsome is pleading with citizens to wear masks and continue social distancing. Florida reported 5,511 new cases on Tuesday, a new record high for the state.