Facebook Ad Boycotts Growing

In an unprecedented exodus, major advertisers, such as Ben & Jerry’s, North Face and Patagonia, are pulling their advertising from Facebook. In the largest advertiser boycott coalition, some of America’s major brands refuse to support a platform which does not properly address and remove hate speech. Ben & Jerry’s, a well-known social activism brand, is the latest company to join the boycott. Major advertisers, such as The North Face, are pulling their ads from both Facebook and Instagram. The reason for the boycott primarily is a post by Donald Trump, condemned as hate-speech, which was promptly removed on Twitter yet remains on Facebook and has gained over 200,000 interactions including comments, reactions and shares. Facebook has been under harsh criticism for its apparent refusal to apply its community standards policies to Donald Trump. Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, has been widely condemned by Civil and Human Rights organizations for refusing to acknowledge the violent context of several of Trumps recent posts.