WHO Reports Largest Single Day Increase In Coronavirus Cases

The Coronavirus has infected 8.8 million people worldwide, with a death toll of 464,000. Add to that, a report released by the World Health Organization on June 21,2020, shows an increase of 183,000 new cases worldwide in one single 24-hour period. The data, compiled by John’s Hopkins University, cautions the numbers could be higher due to unreported or untested cases. Despite many countries relaxing lock-downs, such as Spain, the virus continues spreading globally. The U.S., South Africa, Brazil and Latin America, are reporting increased cases and more fatalities. Some governments are downplaying the risks of re-opening business and lifting travel restrictions in an effort to re-start their economies. The southern and western regions of the United States appear to be the areas seeing the most increased COVID-19 cases in the U.S. currently. Other governments, such as South Korea, are reluctant to require social distancing, fearing further damage to their economy.