Trump Rally Fizzles

With an expected 60,000 or so people touted for the arena and overflow area, President Donald Trump spoke in front of only 6,200 (albeit largely enthusiastic) supporters per the Tulsa Fire Marshall.  Here is hoping that despite most attendees forgoing masks for some reason that we do not see any kind of increase in COVID-19 cases as a result of this indoor rally.  Due to the poor attendance, planned speeches for the “overflow” area were cancelled.  In retrospect, given the current pandemic and requirement of attendees to sign a release related to COVID-19 it should not be surprising that so few showed up.  The estimates were based on Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale claiming that one million people registered to attend and that local officials were preparing for around 100,000 people to show up.  We are guessing Parscale may be feeling a little heat for that gaffe.